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CHARLOTTE GHIORSE                                                                                                          212.505.7065        
B.1965 Albany, NY 

House of ChoCLeT FB 

UPRiGHT CiTiZEN’S BRiGADE, IMPROV 101&102—2013/2014
 State University of NY @ Albany BFA, Fine Art Painting/French—Dean’s List, Cum Laude 1992
Masters level coursework SUNY @ Albany—-1993     
 AAS Tompkins/Cortland Comm. College, music-Voice/women's history—1989
Universite D’Orleans
, France—French—1987

TRADEMARKED: SEXY ASTROLOGY ® 2016 in a PRECEDENTiAL Descision For the Federal TradeMark Trial & Appeal Board


2014 1st PLACE—Traditional Okinawan Karate (Film COMPETiTiON) SHOBU, 2:38 min
2013 Spirit Award@Willifest (Williamsburg International Film Festival)American Garbage 2010, 33:09 min
2008 - 2010: YouTube's "Today's Most Viewed" and "Today's Most Subscribed” —Top 100U.S.
1993 Winner of the 1993 liquitex "excellence in ART" award                                                                   
1982 Contributor “OUTRAGE” magazine—The Garbage Man                                                               
1979 Boynton Jr. High/fastest 1/2 mile (1st place)—RECORD time for Boys & Girls (2:32min)       

Mentors: Dennis Byng (two-time Guggenheim award winner) Roberta Bernstein, Joanne Carson, Collette, Phyllis Galembo, Joey Ramone, Bjork 

Selected SOLO Exhibitions:

2023 TRUMBANSBURG BANK—Trumansburg, NY 
2023 Dove Block Project—Geneva, NY—COWBOY TOWNE/American Garbage VI—the RealEstate of       the HEART +video install—sleepy Joe & the democratic crooks+Paintings   
2022 FASHiON SHOW: COLLABORTATiON/iNViSiBLE LiGHT (Fundraiser for Suicide AWARENESS & FABG) Community School of Music & ART—Ithaca, NY—Ballgowns & Jackets
2021 Souther Vermont Arts Center, Manchester VT—ALWAYS OPEN (installation—AMERiCAN GARBAGE V: Polling Place/video install—Be Brave Freedom Fighter) 
2020 TWO PERSON SHOW—The Community School of Music and ARTS, Ithaca, NY—Dwelling in my SOUL//////Black, the Color, the House of CHoCLeT aka Charlotte Ghiorse Paintings+(Stealin’ mp3 player) &Colleen Shelton—Paintings & Prints of African Masks
2018 Hilton Garden Inn, Ithaca NY—Dream HOME Buildings and Black Tulips
2017 Permanent Installation, 410 Manhattan AVE, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC—Mosaic—            Neptunian/Neighborhood 10X23ft.
2016 Madeline’s, Ithaca, NY—UGLY Flowers Show
2016 ThriveNY, Ithaca, NY—-Love And DEATh—fashion show of Ballgowns & Jackets
2015 Press Bay Alley, Ithaca, NY—-Brian’s Bitch       
2015 Gallery @ Penn Place, MD—The Affect of Scooby Doo in me   
2015 Tompkins Trust Company, Ithaca, NY—New Orleans Houses
2015 Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Ithaca, NY—House of ChoCLeT—Fast& Cheap: Crowns, Cars,&Chandeliers
2012 Go Brooklyn!! for the Brooklyn Museum &PS1—The Family Jewels: AMERiCAN GARBAGE II— installation+video install—Dreamin is free)
2012 Museum of MOTHERHOOD, NYC—the modern mother +(video install—Rest Stop) 
2009 Chinese AMERICAN ArtsCouncil—Fast & CHEAP: crowns,cars and chandeliers (installation + video install—Dreamin’ is Free)
2005 LowerEAStSide Girls Club, NYC—MOTHER X (2) Art is for girls!—Paintings+everywoman is a diva (the film)
1999 Limbo; NYC—Hipster Dumpster
1999 James Fuentes—Y2k EXHiBiT-ONE DAY SHOW, NYC 
1998 LUNA LOUNGE, NYC—Coffee Evil   
1998 PSEUDO LOFT, NYC—Bad Art: Fuckin’ A 
1998 Chuckie's W. Broadway—NYC—-The Black Virgin
1998 The Pink Pony, NYC—2D Design
1997 La Ferte St. Aubin—France at City Hall—the Human Flesh Home
1996 Caliban's, NYC—-The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
1995 Coffee House 5—NYC—Monkey Girl in a Strange Mess
1994 Jim's Tea Room, Albany, NY—Scary Houses   
1992 Gallery 313—Albany,NY—Dream Home ‘92
1991 Gallery 313—Albany, NY—The Result of Nurtured Violence  


2023 Cayuga Arts Collectiv-Synethesia-the Color of Sound-Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts
2023 Southern Vermont Arts Center-Member Exhibit-Manchester, VT.-Racing Stripe TULiPS
2023 MiX GALLERY/house of ChoCLeT. ball gowns-Ithaca, NY
2023 Hanami/Flower Viewing-CSMA-Curated by Muhamed Kafedzic
2023 HOT SAUCE PiGLET—CSMA BALLROOM—Vaudeville Variety Show—hosted
2022 Southern Vermont Arts Center, Member Exhibit Fall, Manchester, VT—everyday is Halloween                                          
2022 Dove Block Project—Geneva, NY—HoLiDAY POP UP
2022 Penn Place Gallery, Garret Park, MD—Surf Reality                                                                          
2022 Cayuga Artists Collective: Big & SMALL install—Stealin’—Trumansburg, NY                                                                                           
2022 The THEATRE for the NEW CiTY — Black SNOW FLAKE 2022 Cayuga Arts Partnership First Friday/Art Trail, Ithaca, NY
2022 Souther Vermont Arts Center, Member Exhibit, Manchester VT.                                                 
2021 DEVOLUTION—NYC AUTiSM AWARENESS For Project Reach NYC, NY—Judge/Panelist                                         
2021 Remembering Ground ZERO, Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT                                                            
2021 Hair it IS Graffitt Show—For Black Lives Matter MURAL in ITHACA, NY                                                
2020 Jane’s EXCHANGE NYC—ELECTiON DAY                                                                                 
2019 Wizarding Week End—Ithaca, NY
2019 Bushwick Open Studios—Brooklyn, NY 2019 Fashion Week- Ithaca, NY
2019 Food Not Bombs-Ithaca, NY—Giveaway                                                                                                                                                           
2019 Jane’s Exchange, NYC
2018 DEVOLUTiON 1943, NYC Guest Panelist/Speaker
2018 One Painting At A Time, CASA, NYC (installation) American Garbage IV—take what you want & leave the Rest… video install—Barbie’s Dirty Secret                                                                                
2018 Bushwick OPEN STUDiOS—Live SilkScreen show
2017 Noise Night, Ithaca UNDERGROUND—Ithaca, NY @Community School of Music and ART
2017 Bushwick OPEN Studios—Live SilkScreen Show
2017 Food Not Bombs—Giveaway/Poetry
2017 Porchfest Trumansburg
2016 Wizarding Weekend, Ithaca, NY
2016 Bushwick OPEN STUDiOS—LiVE SilkScreen Show
2016 Theatre for the NEW City—i believe in your dream, NYC
2016 Ithaca Festival
2015 ThriveNY, Harvest Festival, Ithaca,NY 2915 Streets ALiVE, Ithaca, NY
2015 Bushwick Open Studios—LiVE SilkScreen Show
2014 The Doctor is in—Live Silk Screen Show— Ithaca, NY
2014 The Wick/the WELL—Live Silk Screen Show—Bushwick Brooklyn, Disco Party
2014 Group Show @ Penn Place, MD
2014 Mamapalooza 11th annual Rock Fest, “failure is the mother,” American Garbage III (Installation)video install—cement truck, icecream truck, dumptruck—NYC— Pier 6
2014 RoX Gallery, NYC—if Beggars Were Horses…(film about Painter, Joann Gedney 1925-2013)
2014 Bushwick Open Studios—LiVE SilkScreen Show
2013 Grace Exhibition Space, Fundraiser/BOS 2013 MoMA/PS1 VW Rockaway Dome, Idea Sharing, House of CHoCLeT Giveaway
2013 Museum of Motherhood—fundraiser for M.O.M.— NYC
2013 Rogue Space—fundraiser for the Brooklyn Museum’s Artist in Residence—The Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra                                              2013 Living Gallery—OPENING exhibition—Brooklyn, NY 2012 Living Gallery—SHOW for Dec.1st
2012 Centro Cultural Chileano de las Artes/Santiago, Chile, YESSR3 (curated by Felipe Alejandro Bracelis Santana)—AMERiCAN GARBAGE 2010 (the film)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
2012 GALLERY U—ATELIER 4—Westfield, NJ—hosted by Robert Greco
2012 Grace Exhibition Space, Fundraiser/BOS
2012 Berlin Biennale—ONLINE EXHIBIT
2012 Bushwick Open STUDIOS—LiVE SilkScreen Show
2012 Family Business— NYC— Curated by Hennessey Youngman—it’s a small small world
2012 Museum of MOTHERHOOD—Motherhood and ACTIVISM—Medium— Poem
2012 Museum of MOTHERHOOD—Motherhood and SEXUALITY—Rest Stop— Poem
2012 microscope gallery, THE OPEN SCREEN-preggers… 2011 THE LiTTLE SHOE STORE—REST STOP(Rap SONG)— NYC       
2010(the film) Curated by Yessr3, Felipe Alejandro Bracelis Santana
2011 Loom, Site Fest—Brooklyn, NY a Group exhibit, The Anti-Narcissists and the Very Mundane—hosted & curated—Paintings & Prints 2010 Loom, BETA Spaces group exhibit— AMERICAN GARBAGE (installation)+AMERiCAN GARBAGE
2010 (the film)+Paintings—hosted & curated
2010 Live SilkScreen show & Car Sculpture Event— TRANSMIT AUDIO TO THE CARS THAT GO BOOM—Bushwick, BrooklynNYC—Feat: Automotive Sound Sculpture and Block Party Presented By Rahtid Sound Dubstep Collective, Eatsleeprace, Speed Lounge and K.A.R Design 2010 EASTERN DISTRICT, Brooklyn SAVES!
2010 Gershwin Hotel—FUKt 2 start wit...(WALt Cessna’s book) NYC—Fast & Cheap: Cars, Crowns & Chandeliers—14 paintings
2010 Bushwick open Studios—LiVE SilkScreen Show 2010 GeneFrankelTheatr,NYC,KatrinaDelMar’sTuffchickcinemanight Preggers(the film)    2009 BUSHWICKOPENSTUDIOS—LiVE SilkScreen Show
2009  3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY-Sex Cells                                                                                                        
2009 Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC—Tabboo!s TV                                                                                      
2009 Gene Frankel Theatre NYC—TABBoo!s Trois—BACK DROP  
2008 Bushwick OPEN Studios—LiVE SilkScreen Show 2008 Puck Building—NYC—AIR (fundraiser)                                           
2008 National 9/11 Memorial & MUSEUM—NYC                                                              
2007(March)LowerEAStSide Girls Club, NYC—Phenomenal Girls/Phenomenal Women                       
2004 Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition—Brooklyn, NY—NEW Orleans House                                         
2003 E3 GALLERY, NYC—ShowX—WTC DEBRiS                                                                                               
2002 BoweryPoetryClub,NYC—Mom’sPoetryAfternoon-FundraiserHosted/Organized                     
2002 Madison Square Garden—NYC—Haunted Houses                                                                       : 
2001 WashingtonSquareOutdoorArtExhibit—NYC                                                                                                        
2001 CBGB’s GALLERY group Show—NYC                                                                                                          
2000 GracieSquareArtShow,NYC—1313MockingBirdLane                                                                        
1999 JAMES FUENTES y2k—ONE day exhibit NYC @CHRiSTMAS!                                                         
1999 Gracie Square Art Show—Orphan Blue                                                                                       
1997 Comedy Show with Rick Shapiro—Surf Reality, NYC
1996 SOHO FIRE MUSEUM, NYC—The Art of Fire—feat. Ladder 12 ENGiNE 3. FDNY 1991 Ithaca ART MARKET
1985 Rock against Racism—Cornell University—Ithaca, NY-Producer/PR                                                
1983 Dinosaur/Performance Space—Ithaca, NY—Freedom isn’t Free—singer                                                                                                                    

Film Festivals:
2013 Williamsburg International Film Festival—AMERiCAN GARBAGE                                                                          
2010  Gene Frankel Theatre—TUFF CHiCK CiNEMA NiGHT—Preggers             
2004 Cape May NJ Film Festival, NJ—Every woman is a Diva             
2004 Chicks with Flicks, NY - Every woman is a Diva                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


DUNN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION— Elizabeth Rohlfing— Melanie Wilson— Noel Copeland— Robert Galinsky—Justine Kurland—Annie Garrison Couper—James Fuentes—Michele Mack—Brian Smith Cyndi Marianoff—James Graham—Lisa De Kooning—THE STATE MUSEUM of New York— Alice Roberts—Yianni Naslas—Ron Rodriguez—Sally Phipps—Brian Henrickson—Kenny Schachter—DEBBIE DAVIES —Nicole Barnum Julian Baron— Thomas Green—Gigi Kracht—Hennessey Youngman— Rod Norman— Marcus CHAE Marcus Glitteris—Cheryl McGinnis—Robert Greco—Katrina DELMAR

Film and video: 

1994 "States of Mind" Documentary on video, Director 27 Min                                                                                       
1995 "Change for Social Consciousness" Docudrama, Writer, Actor, Camera 1hr30min
1997 "Let's Talk About Art" Documentary on video, Director 38 Min                                                                         
2004 “aftershocks” Documentary Featuring Lt FF Mickey KROSS & the Fire Dept NYC 30:00min
2004 “Every Woman is a Diva” Short Narrative on Super 8/Digital Video, Writer/Director 10:38min                                  
2007 “PREGGERSfeaturingChoclet”Short Narrative on Digital Video,Writer/Director/Actress 9:57min                                    
2008 “All You Need Is A Good Man” Documentary on Digital Video, Director
2008 “A Return to Victorian Times” DV 4 Min                                                                                                              
2009 “Getting out of Rehab” DV 7 Min                                                                                                                        
2009 “dreamin’ is free” DV 9 Min                                                                                                                                       
2010 “American Garbage” DV 33:09 Min
2010 “American Garbage, the Making of” 14:07 Min                                                                                                              
2010 “American Garbage-the interviews” DV 20:20 Min                                                                                                                   
2010 “Black Board Poetry” DV 20:09 Min 2011 “AGAIN” Miss Cherristrawberry- DV 3:50Min
2012 “Rest Stop” House of ChoCLet-DV 4 Min 
2014 cement truck, icecream truck, dumptruck” 6Min 
2014 “If Beggars were Horses” Documentary about the Late Joanne Gedney 1925-2013 DV Feature Film 57:59 Min
2018 “Barbie’s Dirty SECRET” 11 Min
2020 “Stealin’” feat Matt Cox 4:27Min

Mom’s poetry afternoon (PR-Organized) (Radical Alliance for Women in Afghanistan) 2002                                  
State Museum of NY at Albany 2003
Epilepsy Foundation, NYC 2005
GIRLS CLUB, NYC 2007                                                                                                                                              
Save Darfur, Minneapolis, MN 2008
AIR NYC 2008
LOWER EAST SIDE GIRLS CLUB—Girls, don’t Make a Mess, NYC 2009                                                                                                 
Washington Irving Library, BKLYN, NY 2009                                                                                                       
BUSHWICK Open STUDIOS 2009                                                                                                      
Brooklyn Saves 2010                                                                                                                                            
BUSHWICK Open STUDIOS 2010                                                                                                                            
PS132, Brooklyn, NY 2011                                                                                                                                  
BUSHWICK Open STUDIOS 2011                                                                                                                                
Cancer SURVIVOR-AME CURTISS 2011                                                                                                                 
Gabriel’s Angels 2011                                                                                                                                                 
Green Apple Kids 2011                                                                                                                                              
PS132, Brooklyn, NY 2012                                                                                                                                          
Grace EXHIBITION Space-FUNDRAISER for BOS 2012                                                                                      
GABRIEL’s ANGELS 2012                                                                                                                                                      
PS 132, Brooklyn, NY 2013                                                                                                                                      
Musem of Mother hood GALA and Art Auction 2013                                                                                                  
Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, Art Auction 2013                                                                                                   
BUSHWICK Open STUDIOS 2013                                                                                                                            
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2013                                                                                                                      
Gabriel’s Angels 2014                                                                                                                                                        
Ithaca Asian Woman’s Network Fundraiser for the Phillippines 2014                                                                              
No Kid HUNGRY FB 2017                                                                                                                                        
BOYNTON MiDDLE SCHOOL Symphonic Band—Ithaca, NY 2017                                                                                                
Boynton MiDDLE SCHOOL Orchestra—Ithaca, NY 2017                                                                                                                
Boynton Middle SCHOOL ORCHESTRA & SYMPHONiC Band—Ithaca, NY 2021                                                                           



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To use this feature, Just look for the "Live Preview AR" button when viewing any piece of art on this website!


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